Frédéric Gaumet sitting in front of his desk smiling at the camera.

Frédéric Gaumet

Frédéric Gaumet (53 ), born in Lyon in France and is Head of Research and Development at Pure Salmon Kaldnes

What is your education?

PhD in Fish physiology from IFREMER Brest and a MSc in Fish Biology and Biotechnology from the University of Rennes (France). Bachelor in Genetic and Biomolecular biology.

What did you do before you started here?

I have 32 years of experience within the fish-farming industry, both nationally and internationally. I came here 13 years ago, from a position as an international sales manager and project manager in the Norwegian company AquaOptima in Trondheim.
Before I moved to Norway, I worked for seven years at a small island in the Indian Ocean called Réunion. I worked as a research and technical manager at the marine research center ARDA.

Why did you choose to start here? 

I wanted to continue in an industry that is very future-oriented, sustainable and in strong growth. And so I chose this company because this is a corporation I knew well from the past, and had collaborated a lot with. I wanted to be part of the company’s strong professional environment and I really wanted to help develop the business area and the company further.

What is the best part of working here?

The best part about working here is the unique and exciting professional environment that drives us forward across departments and disciplines. We have a unique team spirit in the company, we are innovative, and we develop things together. In that way, I learn something new almost every day.

What do you think about the aquaculture department now is a
part of the Pure Salmon group?

This is a very good opportunity, both for us and for our new owners. The acquisition means that we as a company win more than we lose. Now we get owners who are focused on producing healthy fish where people live; «From egg to plate». This new environment gives us a great opportunity to deliver our best of our knowledge and experience in bringing maturity in land-based salmon farming as an industry and as a key player role in seafood sustainability in our world.