Frode Finne-Fridell smiling at the camera in front of a white wall.

Frode Finne-Fridell

Frode Finne-Fridell (43) grew up in Vik in Sogn and is a Aquamedicine biologist at Pure Salmon Kaldnes.

What is your education?

I have a Master´s Degree in Fish Health from the University of Bergen.

What did you do before you started here?

I have worked as a researcher, both at the fish health group at the University of Bergen and at the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen. My previous workplace before I startet working here was Pharmaq. There I was a clinical researcher and the head of the clinical department, and studied mainly salmon and another very important farmed fish on an international scale; tilapia. One of the main motivations was to improve fish health and reduce the use of antibiotics through effective and safe vaccines. Here the salmon aquaculture industry is a pioneer for the rest of the world.

Why did you choose to start here? 

Because I wanted to work in a company focusing on fish welfare in RAS facilities. I am passionate about interdisciplinary work to improve biosecurity, fish health and fish welfare.

What is the best part of working here?

The best thing about this job is to be able to work under the same roof as a number of other professionals representing different disciplines, where everyone has each other’s backs to achieve a common goal. And here at the process department where I work, we also have a very good working climate and skilled employees who ensure good conditions for the fish. The process department also contributes very well with the training and optimization of existing RAS facilities, which means that the farmers will have the best conditions for success.

What do you think about the aquaculture department now is a part of the Pure Salmon group?

We have become a dedicated aquaculture company both nationally and internationally, which I believe is the right focus for improved fish health, fish welfare and sustainability. I contribute to bring the Norwegian standard of fish welfare internationally. I am convinced that employees at a fish farm become motivated by the fact that the fish they are breeding are doing well, which in turn ensures profitability and food quality.