Mona Morsi smiling at the camera

Mona Morsi

Mona Morsi( 23), born in Sandefjord,  is an is an Administration and Marketing Coordinator at Pure Salmon Kaldnes. 

What is your education? 

Educated within sales and services at Sandefjord high school. I earned a certificate in office administration.

What did you do before you started here? 

I came from BASF (formerly known as Pronova) in Sandefjord, where I did my apprenticeship. 

Why did you choose to start here?

Land-based fish farming is an industry of strong growth, and it is both exciting and interesting to be part of an international company like Pure Salmon Kaldnes. I am very intrigued by the people behind this competency and I enjoy getting to know new cultures. In addition, it is very cool to be able to work in an international company such as this one in the middle of my own hometown, Sandefjord.

What is the best part of working here?

The best part about working here is that you learn something new every day. Also, I get to work with tasks that are very varied, which allows me to develop my skills in several areas. At the same time, the working environment and the unity among the employees are good, and it is a safe and stable workplace. It is also very practical and efficient that I can work in the same city that I live in.

What do you think about the aquaculture department now is a
part of the Pure Salmon group?

I believe that the acquisition is very positive. It provides good opportunities for learning and development, at the same time as it open doors for career opportunities that are even more exciting, both nationally and internationally. It also facilitates the growth of the company. Everything therefore indicates that a lot of new and exciting things will occur in the time to come.