Lerøy, Sjøtroll

Start- up in 2017, completed in 2019. 

Leroey sjoetroll from the air.

One of the world’s largest smolt plants

In 2017 the Aquaculture division in Krüger Kaldnes (now Pure Salmon Kaldnes) signed a cooperation agreement on delivering 10 RAS-facilities to Lerøy Sjøtroll at Kjærelva in Fitjar, Norway. 

Lerøy, Sjøtroll

12,5 million smolt

Completed in 2019

About Lerøy, Sjøtroll

The land-based fish farm was completed in 2019, and had an investment framework of 650 million NOK. It was set to produce 12,5 million smolt a year. This was once the world’s largest smolt plant, with 23 500 cubic meters of vessel capacity.